Personal Injury Law

Being injured in an automobile collision or a slip and fall accident can quickly result in unpaid medical bills, lost wages, and demands by insurance companies for your personal medical records and medical history. An experienced personal injury attorney can advocate for you and for your rights when you are least able to do so for yourself.

Skilled Personal Injury Lawyers

Having a skilled litigator in your corner

At Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter and Welch, P.C., our litigation attorneys assess your individual case, determine what your needs are, and plot a course of action calculated to achieve an outcome in accordance with your wishes. Our experienced litigators are not afraid to stand up for our clients’ rights in court. We can also explore mediation and settlement as avenues that can start helping injured victims feel whole again.

Contact us to set up a consultation. We have evening and weekend appointments available. Our firm is conveniently located by the Camden County courthouse, and we have an open door policy for clients to just stop by and discuss their legal needs.

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